The Top 6 Essential Skills of Financial Planners

Strategic Alliance - Jamson Chia - Top 6 Essential Skills of FInancial Planner

One of the most commonly asked question by potential Financial Planners is, “What are the most important skills that I need to have, and what will help me excel in this industry?” It is hard for anyone to see themselves as the ideal candidate. But since being a successful Financial Planner requires a wide array of skills, most people do excel in a couple of areas. Here are the top 6 essential skills.


The Top 5 Rewards of Being a Financial Planner

Strategic Alliance - Jamson Chia - Top 5 Rewards Financial Planner

Being a Financial Planner may not seem glamorous to many. However, it does have a lot of rewards and provides a great challenge to those who have passion, drive, and applicable skills. The financial services industry provides endless opportunities, only if you are committed and passionate about serving others and improving their lives. There are tangible and intangible rewards.