What I Didn’t Learn in School – 8 Life Lessons You Need to Know To Find Success After Graduation

What I Didn't Learn in School

Most fresh graduates often find themselves asking “What’s life after graduation?” That intimidating feeling is all too familiar to me. Not only was I confronted with it, but in my decade-long career as a District Director, I also had opportunities to meet numerous fresh graduates in the exact position.

Determined to help others initiate into the workforce, and eliminate most of the hard knocks in life, I have designed an in-depth toolkit to help bring you through the uncertainties of graduation, and to accelerate your success path. From employment to money mastery, there are 8 life lessons you can draw on to create your own path upon graduation.

Just like how I have assisted other fresh graduates to find their own success in Financial Planning, I hope that you too can gain control of your future with this comprehensive guide. As I had mentioned in my book, “All these are the consequences of your hands – not those of your parents or lecturers – which hold the reins of your life.”

Are you ready to carve your own success? Grab your copy of What I Didn’t Learn in School and step into the University of Life!

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