How Marketing Or Sales Skills Help Build A Fruitful Career In Financial Planning

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Most people who begin their careers in non-financial related fields may think that it’s gruelling to cross over to the financial industry. Not surprisingly, a lot of them entertain the misconception that the training is going to be long and strenuous, and thus, find it difficult to overcome the initial inertia to make such a career transition.

That’s not the case for those who are in the marketing or sales line. The need to be accredited as a Financial Planner remains unchanged. Other vital skills, which can’t be easily taught, are already in the palm of their hands. In addition to expert knowledge on financial tools and policies, the ability of Financial Planners to market or sell themselves to their clients will determine how well they excel in the financial industry.

The Most Important Part of Growth as a Financial Planner

No matter how good you are in accumulating your clients’ wealth, or convincing them to commit to a financial solution, you’ll have a hard time growing your business if you can’t build your clientele. It creates potential roadblocks in your income, especially if it’s solely commission based.

Given that all has adequate financial knowledge and is plugged in with the latest news and trends, the Financial Planner who will see quicker advancement in his or her business are usually the talented marketer and salesperson.

Using Creative Marketing to Find Clients

Financial Planners try to acquire new clients using the usual prospecting methods which include cold calls and networking within their social circles. While this is certainly one way to go and can lead to success, those with marketing background can accelerate their growth by putting their marketing skills to good use.

One common method is to conduct a seminar to share your knowledge with your community. A creative marketer uses this as a platform to establish a household name, and as an opportunity to widen their network. It may come easily to someone with a marketing background, and who can think out of the box, whereas it’s unlikely to occur to the average Financial Planner.

For those with public relations background, you may wish to utilise media mentions to get your name out there. Journalists who are on the lookout for quotes to a story may contact you from time to time. Those with communications background will be familiar with this too, and should take advantage of it.

Using Sales Skills to Acquire Clients

Simple sales techniques, that almost all Financial Planners use to build their businesses, are more effective in the hands of someone with strong sales background. Salespeople are trained to utilise proven strategies to get people to commit, and are able to identify on the fly, which approaches are working best, and which are not hitting home.

With extensive sales training and deep experience, salespeople are also familiar with the phrasing and the psychological triggers that can encourage a sale. A Financial Planner who is armed with strong sales skills also know how to sell themselves, and can use those same skills to stay connected with a client’s behaviours and mindset. Above everything else, they understand the importance of providing excellent after-sales service, which makes them well-liked by their clients.


These two skills – marketing and sales, may not be taught to a Financial Planner, and thus hands-on experiences can make a major difference when it comes to building a successful career in financial planning.

The crux of the matter here is to remember not to write off financial planning as a career option just because of a lack of experience in the financial industry, or the preconceived notion that your current skills will not carry over. In many cases, skills outside of the financial realm could create a big impact with favourable outcome.


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Jamson Chia graduated from The National University of Singapore in 2003 with Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). Possessing an interest in financial planning, he furthered his education, and obtained the prestigious title of a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) in 2007. He is also one of the few privileged advisors in his company to attain the Business Insurance title.

Jamson currently heads the team as an Financial Services Director, where he is responsible for providing quality service and advice, especially in the Small and Medium Enterprises and High Net Worth Market. He is also responsible for grooming new talents, where he holds an impressive track record. Various consultants under his training have qualified for numerous awards ranging from AIA’s Million Dollar Club, to the highly acclaimed international Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award.

Within the first 5 years of his career, Jamson has achieved an admirable feat of being a member of the Million Dollar Round Table for 3 consecutive years, and he is currently one of the youngest directors in AIA.

Jamson is a Financial Services Director with AIA. The statements or opinions expressed on this site are his own, and do not represent those of AIA.

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