Business Risk Solution


Business Risk Solutions

You make exciting goals and you set off in your business to achieve them. Just like a skilled mountaineer, you train and prepare yourself because you know that not everything will go as planned along the journey. In fact, you know that most of the events in business can change quickly.

Our knowledge and network is your advantage. As a business owner, you can now forge ahead with the peace of mind knowing that your risks are well taken care of.

Business Buy/Sell Agreements

You have formed a partnership that has become successful. After years of hard work, you have brought your business on track. There is no doubt that the business partnership you have formed with your fellow shareholder is an important factor to the sustainability of your business. A business buy/sell agreement is a stamp of assurance that should a partner be taken out of the picture through death of disability, your business does not suffer the risk brought about by the influence of a new shareholder who survived and inherited the shares of your partner.

Cementing the Value of Your Key-Men

Building redundancies in business roles are important. However it is more difficult replacing your key people and losing their services through unexpected events could even translate into financial losses. Find out how businesses have worked with us to implement specialized financial mechanisms in handling such risks and bolster the confidence of employees in the company at the same time.

Employee Loyalty Programs

Every great company believe in their people and invest in training them. To bring the company to where it is today, these employees help shape and build tremendous values over time. Learn about AIA Staff Benefits Programs, and how they are applied in aligning with your company’s vision and philosophies in building a great team of motivated employees. We actually call them stakeholders.

Nurturing a Healthy Workforce

Success in the business is the fruit of labor of a healthy workforce. Personal financial wellness and success is fundamental to the peace of mind of each and every worker. We believe that the individual financial intelligence of each individual can be developed through continual financial education. We make our knowledge useful, organized and simple for consumption through lunch-time talks and special seminars that we are able to hold in your company.