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1. Life of Fulfilment & Opportunities Await!

Want to potentially triple your income within five years? What seems impossible with your current job can be realised as an AIA Financial Services Consultant! With a vast market and extensive range of life insurance products, achieving high income and success in this business is possible.

Our commission structure* is so conducive that you can, over time, amass a consistent source of passive income that ensures your financial independence and stability. Not only will you experience job fulfilment that goes beyond monetary rewards, you will derive an overwhelming sense of satisfaction of providing financial protection and peace of mind to friends, loved ones and strangers alike. You are inspired with a feeling of accomplishment that few other commission-based sales job can emulate.


* Terms and conditions apply

2. Recognising Your Efforts

Strategic Alliance takes tremendous pride in your perseverance and tireless efforts. Every contribution and commitment to your clients, however big or small, is rewarding to us. AIA recognises your outstanding efforts by annual production and superlative performance*. We even further extend our appreciation for your exemplary contribution through handsome incentives including contest challenges and convention travel privileges.