Management Associate Programme (MAP)

1. Entrepreneur Power Scheme (EPS)

Imagine a Career that awaits you on your Graduation Day!

Ever wondered how you can further enrich yourself as an undergraduate? Other than earning an extra income through giving tuition or working in a cafe, do you feel you have untapped potential to do more during your semester holidays? Do you have the desire to achieve the winning edge over your peers and start a business of your own with little or no cost?

If you possess a driven and outgoing personality, find out more from us how you can achieve a career head start through our Entrepreneur Scholarship Program.

Selection Criteria:

  • Singapore Citizens or PR preferred
  • Minimum 15 months before graduation
  • Undergraduate in a local university
  • Not under any bond
  • Able to commit a semester break (12 weeks) to undergo training
  • Pass selection process

2. Management Associate Programme(MAP)

What do you want to be within two years after you graduate- an executive, a supervisor or a manager?

Do you want to have a car, own a house or travel around the world? Do you wish to break away from the Large Firm Environment and build your own business entity? Are you excited about a business that allows you to “compress” your success?

Our Management Associate Program is here to unleash your potential.

Selection Criteria:

  • Singapore Citizens or PRs
  • Fresh Graduates (less than 2 months)
  • Pass selection process