Family Protection




Family and business financial matters are often inter-related. They can become complex matters as time goes by. When you know you need to ensure ­that your loved ones must survive the test that life’s events bring, that is also when you can rely on us.

We understand how life’s changing events can impact your family and business. We have seen them and we have helped many successful people bridge the chasm. We can share the experiences and we can work with you and let your heart be at rest while you focus on your career.

Family Asset Allocation Planning

The Lehman Brothers Crisis in 2008 had taught us a few things. It caught Alan Greenspan by surprise. The fundamentals of financial understanding of a decade ago may be irrelevant today. Not only do we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments, we actually incline ourselves to the shift of fundamentals that brought about the changes that we see on the surface. Your hard-earned accumulated wealth for your family needs to be allocated based on a sound foundation. We bring these understanding to you so that you are assured to be making informed decisions, which is key to the safeguard of your family.

The Stormy Seas of Life’s Events

The complexities of life’s unforeseen events and how it affects our cashflow is very often under-estimated by many people. When these events happen to us or any of our loved ones, it is usually costly. Are you going to pay the cost of these events dollar-for-dollar, or are you prepared to pay with discounted dollars? This is the essence of true financial planning. Setting the financial framework up for your family in a way that costs you nothing. Allow us to show you how.

Estate Planning

When the Singapore estate duty was abolished on 15th February 2008, many financial practitioners took it that estate planning has become irrelevant. The truth however, happens to be quite different. Estate duty is only one of the topics addressed in estate planning. The structure of your insurance policies, various assets, wills, trusts and documentation are just some of the issues that need to be taken into consideration in the estate planning process, and there are more. We know these insights can make a huge difference for you and your loved ones.