Angela Yong

B.A.Sc (Hons)
Financial Services Consultant

The experience of advising a middle aged lady, saving her from being ill-advised, reaffirmed the value of my work.
Q.1   Tell us more about yourself?

I was a teacher by training and had been in the education profession for ten years before I decided to make a career switch. I’m also a mother of three young children.

Q.2   Why did you choose this profession?

It was really a leap of faith, really. I had always assumed that I would be in the teaching profession for the rest of my life. For me, teaching was fun, dynamic and filled with positive challenges. I decided to make the switch after I joined the team in a professional branding seminar, where I realised that everyone was able to expend their individual talents to help people achieve their goals in life. What the team is doing is very much in line with my personal vision and values, so I decided to take the plunge.

Q.3   Why Strategic Alliance?

It is a really awesome team of friends and colleagues that understands the importance of autonomy and mutual support. No one is left alone in the team as there is a lot of guidance for newer FSCs and the learning culture also makes everyone in the team, no matter their age, a coach and a student simultaneously. There is a very healthy energy about the team, and an amazing dynamism that makes it great to be part of.

Q.4   What are your expertise and experience?

My professional training has prepared me to be a good listener and a confident speaker. I am also qualified to provide advice on financial planning, particularly in the provision of risk management and insurance planning.

Q.5   Share a memorable experience:

One of my first contacts was a middle-aged, single lady who was planning for her retirement. It was gratifying that she understood the importance of putting aside money for her twilight years, but it was also worrying that she didn’t know how to achieve the greatest mileage for the money she had scrimped and saved. As a result, she purchased high-risk financial products that were unsuitable, given her current needs.

This experience reaffirmed the value of my work and made me more certain that joining the life insurance profession is the right move for me.