Cindy Sugianto

Financial Services Consultant

My personal definition of success is being able to make a difference in people's lives.
Q.1 Tell us more about yourself?

I graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Public Relations.

I am an active person and I love activities that allow me to make new friends and bond with old ones, such as networking over good coffee. My family is also an important aspect of my life. Adventurous by nature, I enjoy mastering new skills. Recently, I’m enthusiastic about scuba diving and yoga!

My personal definition of success is being able to make a difference in people’s lives, thus I am a strong believer in personal development. One can give more by becoming more.

Q.2 Why did you choose this profession?

I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I started my career in the hospitality industry as I love meeting people. However, I craved for deeper, more meaningful interactions where I can truly impact their lives and not just their stay in Singapore.

In addition, I was fortunate to have a financial adviser educate me about the importance of financial planning and I want to share this knowledge with others as I realised that not many have had that opportunity.

Q.3 Why Strategic Alliance?

The Team’s shared passion of bringing value to others, and of ‘mission before commission’ are what drew me to Strategic Alliance, as these are beliefs close to my heart. Having worked in the corporate environment, I truly appreciate the warmth and inclusiveness of the Team’s culture. I also like how, in addition to working hard, the team plays hard as well!

Q.4 What are your expertise and experience?

Having been in the customer service line, I am an active listener and resolver. I believe in first understanding the client, before deciding how I can help them achieve their goals. I strive to anticipate their needs and wants, and meet them to the best of my abilities.

Q.5 Share a memorable experience:

In a recent roadshow, I met a friendly old lady who was working way past her retirement age because she did not have enough to retire on. Sadly, I find this a very common reality in Singapore as most people, in putting their families and liabilities first, neglect to plan for themselves. This experience reinforced my conviction of how important financial planning is.