Mark Teo Soon Cheng

Dip (Ship Building & Offshore Engineering)
Financial Services Consultant

It may not be what you need, but it will be what your loved ones need when things happen.
Q.1 Tell us more about yourself?

I completed my Diploma in Ship Building & Offshore Engineering in Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2001. I represented the Polytechnic in rugby, and also managed the team. At that time, I was one of the youngest team manager. I also played and managed Club Rugby in the Singapore Rugby League for Lion Red RFC and SRC Rugby Club. Being a member of the Student Union of my department, I met people from the various departments and was honoured to get invited by the Prime Minister for a dinner at the Istana.

I love to travel around the world and find great food. I also love meeting and talking to people, and helping them in their needs.

Q.2 Why did you choose this profession?

I served my nation for 2.5 years in Singapore & Taiwan. Not long after completing my national service, I joined a travel agency and started my work as a Tour Manager and a Tour Associate for the next 10 years. I met a lot of people from around the world, and some of them became my regular tour customers. This was also where I met my lovely wife. Understanding her needs, I decided to make a career switch to financial services. I appreciate that this profession is not only helping myself, but also assisting others in their financial needs and goals.

Q.3 Why Strategic Alliance?

I’ve known Selina (wife of my good friend) and Jamson (rugby mate) for a long time. Witnessing how they do their work with passion and with leadership, I know that I will have good mentors who will bring out the potential in me, make me more knowledgeable and capable to help others with their needs.

Q.4 What are your expertise and experience?

Professional training given by the company has made me more confident and more attentive to the people around me. It has enabled me to provide suitable detailed financial plans for my clients, so that they could enjoy a better financial future for themselves and their families.

Q.5 Share a memorable experience / belief:

It may not be what you need, but it will be what your loved ones need when things happen.