Seah Roh Ting

B.SSc (Econs) Hons, CFP
Senior Financial Services Consultant

I look forward to each day where I can interact with people and add value to their lives.
Q.1 Tell us more about yourself?

I graduated with Honours in Economics from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2005.

My active and cheerful disposition brought forth my love for outdoor adventures and nature. In addition, I am passionate about sports, in particular badminton. I have been a school team representative for 10 years, from secondary school to university.

The exposure I have gained through numerous competitions and key leadership roles I have taken up, together with my experience in badminton coaching and giving tuition in my university years, have allowed me to constantly seek growth.

All these experiences outside the classroom have provided me with a platform for a smooth transition into the corporate world. I continue to work very well with people, while maximising my personal development in the course of my career.

Q.2 Why did you choose this profession?

After I graduated from NUS, I worked for a year as a Business Development Associate in the Building & Infrastructure industry. My first corporate experience made me realise what I sought as a long term career path; and more importantly, that I should tap on my strengths, interest and passion.

Joining the insurance industry allowed me to marry my two passions: Finance and interacting with people. I also rejected an alternative option of joining the banking industry as I did not want to deal with the red tape and hold a 9-5 deskbound job.

I was also blessed to have known a senior from my school days, currently my Mentor cum Manager at work in AIA. Through his personal experience in this profession, I saw the value of what he has done for his clients. Both my sister and I benefited with him serving us as our Financial Services Consultant back then. His drive and motivation in helping people is inspirational. I aspire to do the same to make a difference and be part of people’s lives. I find it meaningful to utilise my strengths to provide comprehensive solutions for others. I have derived tremendous satisfaction from seeing my clients achieve better financial health and goals in life.

I enjoy what I am doing for my clients now. I look forward to each day where I can interact with people and add value to them in their lives.

Q.3 Why Strategic Alliance?

What draws me to Strategic Alliance is the Boss and team of colleagues behind this entire unit. Led by Mr Jamson Chia, the team members comprise young, dynamic and driven individuals like him. I thrive in such a vibrant working environment, where I can grow with the people I am working for and with.

In addition, the Team shares the same mission and values, which are essentially client-centric. We work closely to bring forth the best for our clients through an ethical, professional and needs-based approach.

We believe strongly in personal development and knowledge upgrading in order to provide high level and comprehensive professional services. As Strategic Alliance is housed under AIA, we are able to tap into the vast resources and strong backing of our company in order for us to achieve more for our clients.

Q.4 What are your expertise and experience?

Over the years, I have successfully helped clients take concrete steps towards realising their goals through a needs-based approach. I adopt different wealth protection/risk management, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution tools and methods to customise solutions according to individual needs, situations and one’s phase of life.

I specialise in providing comprehensive coverage and scope under Medical & Health planning for my clients. Also, I am strong in recommendation on wealth accumulation tools in comparatively less risky products in endowment plans and fund investment recommendations for mid- to long-term planning.

My strength is in providing financial planning in a professional manner while establishing long-term relationships with my clients. I strive to provide a personal touch; I am a part of their lives, and share life experiences closely along the way be it in work, personal life or family matters.

My clients are mostly graduates who are young, driven, goal-oriented and responsible. They want to take steps to enhance their lives for their family and loved ones. Overtime I have acquired more clients who are in the Public Service sectors.

In addition, I specialise in helping families with young children in terms of family portfolio planning which involves young parents and their child’s protection and future education planning. As I have four young nieces and nephews, I understand parents’ concerns and risks.

Over the years, I have also expand beyond individual financial planning to business insurance planning, mainly for SME business owners and entrepreneurs in newly start-up companies.

Q.5 Share a memorable experience:

I did my first major claim in 2009. That experience further strengthened my conviction in my work – that what I do for my clients will pay off when they need it most. This is thus a worthwhile process that can potentially benefit a lot of people in the years and even decades to come.

She was a personal friend of mine, who was pursuing her Masters when we met in 2007. As a student, she had little allowance and had wanted to start her financial planning only after she graduated and started working. However I managed to educate her to see that based on the situation she was in, all the more did she need to plan for wealth protection. She had to get herself covered by getting insurance, as she would otherwise be unable to afford the expenses should anything happen to her; this would result in a financial burden to her family. Moreover, she is not from a well-to-do family and her family relies heavily on her as the main provider once she starts working. She also had to take care of her parents’ needs and retirement. She ultimately took her first step in taking up some coverage to protect herself. Although the budget was low and the amount of coverage was subsequently not very high, it was far better than not having a headstart in planning for unpredictable life events.

Little did I expect her to be diagnosed with brain tumor at the age of 26 in her last year of the Masters course in 2009. Her insurance payout helped her, and her family, to pull through this difficult period of recovery.

Another encounter was with a married couple who did not actively do financial planning. The good thing was that they trusted me to do up some form of basic planning for them. Their whole mindset about insurance changed when one day, the hubby accidentally slipped and injured his back, needing an operation that came up to $15,000. It was fully covered by the insurance he had bought under me.

Both of them were so thankful that I had persisted in educating them on the importance of wealth protection planning to guard against personal wealth or savings depletion due to lack of coverage. The husband immediately took on coverage for his parents and is now a strong believer in insurance. He has taken massive steps in financial planning to ensure that he provides well for himself as well as his loved ones.

These are memorable experiences and life events which have impacted both their lives as well as mine. The clients and their family members are so appreciative for what I have done for them, and this drives me towards greater passion and dedication in my job. I seek to bring value to more people around me.

Q.6 After working for 5 year, what has changed for you?

The beauty of being in a people business is the amount of interaction I get to enjoy and the number of people I have met. This real life sharing and experiences inevitably expedite and intensify my learning, growth and personal development. I have benefited a lot; the knowledge I have accumulated seems to have come from many more years than the 6years that have transpired. Life for me now is very enriching, fulfilling and satisfying. It is a career which has brought about a lot of meaning and positive things in my life, as well as for my clients and the people around me. I will continue to grow together with them.

I can see marked improvements in my people relations. I have grown to handle relationships and understand people better physically, mentally and emotionally. This is not just limited to my clients, but also my family and loved ones. We have grown closer and seldom have major conflicts, as we learn to treasure and cherish one another more. After all, I have learnt that life is unpredictable and fragile; we should never take things for granted. We should cherish the present and live without regrets.

I can also see significant lifestyle changes with the freedom and flexibility afforded by my job, especially when I contrast this with my position as an employee in the corporate sector. The initial years were not easy, but now I can see my efforts pay off. I have work-life harmony, where I can even incorporate my exercise regime, and continue with my interest in engaging in sports with my friends. Besides, I can free up time to go overseas for holidays with my family and friends, pursue mountain climbing and trekking, as I personally manage and plan my work schedule around my personal involvements.