Selina Yeo Xin Hua

B.Eng(Hons), CFP, AEPP®
Financial Services Manager

Since 2005, I have not laboured a single day in my life.
Q.1 Tell us more about yourself?

I graduated from The National University of Singapore in May 2005 with Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). During my four years in NUS Temasek Hall, I was active in various committees where I undertook diverse leadership roles. I was the Executive Producer of a Theatre Production in 2002/2003 as well as the Marketing & Vice President of the Dinner and Dance Committee in 2002 & 2003.

I am an outgoing and sociable person and enjoy meeting new people. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and explore new places for good food. I love to travel and have been to various Asian and European countries. On weekends, I serve in my church ministry as well.

I love to learn new things and is always seeking to upgrade myself through reading, seminars, courses or certifications.

Q.2 Why did you choose this profession?

Initially, I wanted to join the bank so that I can manage corporate clients, but I did not like the long and rigid working hours of the bank and the remuneration package. This career, however, allows me to work with companies as well as with individuals such as the HNWs and Business Owners. The career has flexible working hours and I am remunerated according to my efforts. With the flexible hours, it allows me time to keep upgrading myself and do the things that I enjoy such as dancing, travelling and spending more time with my loved ones.

I treasure the freedom and the opportunity to make friends and meet people from all walks of life. At the same time, it allows me the chance to assist them in planning for their financial goals and priorities.

Q.3 Why Strategic Alliance?

Primarily, I joined Strategic Alliance because I knew that in order for me to perform to my full potential, I require a good mentor to groom and guide me. Jamson, who is my current Financial Services Director, is a very good mentor who cares a lot for his consultants. I have known him back in 2001 when he was 2 years my senior in NUS Temasek Hall. During my years of knowing and working with him, I was confident that if I were to join him at Strategic Alliance, I will be well taken care of and will be able to perform to my maximum potential.

Q.4 What are your expertise and experience?

I have advised over 500 people on personal risk management, wealth management, and investment related issues. I am meticulous, organized and offer a customized approach to each client. On a corporate level, I am committed to providing specialized services to companies – financial advice, quotation & implementation of Employee Benefits as well as Succession Planning for Business Owners.

Most importantly, I help clients save time by providing a very detailed financial plan and asset allocation process. I ensure that everything is well covered and all shortfalls are well taken care of.

Q.5 After working for 5 years, what has changed for you?

Lifestyle: Happily married with a very understanding husband. Home is a cosy and spacious 5-Room HDB flat in Punggol. Have the free time to attend cell group on Friday nights and serve actively in church on Sundays. Able to travel at least 3 times a year and having lots of flexibility to accompany my husband and my retired mom.

Professional: Increased Financial Knowledge and Awareness.

Character: Have become more patient and caring/empathetic towards loved ones and others.

Most importantly, given the flexibility of my working hours and that I really enjoy what I’m doing, I do not feel that I have laboured a single day in my life since I joined Strategic Alliance in 2005.