Tan Huimin

B.Eng(Hons) in Computer Engineering, CFP, AEPP®
Financial Services Consultant

I cherish the opportunities to build business friendships and to grow together with my clients.
Q.1 Tell us more about yourself?

I graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006 with B.Eng and majored in Computer Engineering. I love sports especially soccer. So outside of work on weekends, I am coaching kids at the Fandi Ahmad Academy and playing with a group of friends in the weekend amateur football league, ESPZEN. Sports aside, I also like keeping myself up to date on the latest electronic gadgets and expanding my investment knowledge.

Q.2 Why did you choose this profession?

I had 4 years of corporate working experience with Accenture prior to joining this profession. Coming into this profession allows me to coach people in managing their risks and finances. I cherish the opportunities to build business friendships and to grow together with my clients. The other aspect which draws me to this profession is being able to be in control of my own personal development path to achieve my goals and dreams both personally and professionally

Till date, I have been in the profession for 2 years and i look forward to more years of hard work and growth ahead.

Q.3 Why Strategic Alliance?

2 reasons. Team culture and professional client service model. The team’s culture is open and everyone is encouraged to share and feedback on the positives as well as the negatives. The family oriented environment provides a strong platform for me to grow and learn as I progress in this profession. Of course, being able to take criticism positively is important as the team will not hold back on constructive comments.

Providing an all round client service model is inculcated right at the start when I joined the team. This is aligned with my value of providing financial advice where I strongly believe should address all dimensions of an individual financial portfolio and not just wealth protection alone.

Q.4 What are your expertise and experience?

My strengths lie in being able to thoroughly understand a client’s needs and organizing their financial portfolio to provide clarity and structure. Thereafter, getting clients to visualise their goals and putting in place a concrete strategy to meet their financial objectives. Most importantly, following through with my clients to ensure that their objectives are achieved.

Q.5 Share a memorable experience:

This happened in Dec 2011 where a client was overseas for a family vacation. An accident occurred to my client’s family member and it was a rough period for them being overseas and needing to seek medical attention. Though unable to assist them physically, being there for them through phone conversations and liaison with the emergency hotline support made the situation less stressful. This experience made me realise that simple gestures we do in life do make a difference to people hence no matter how small a contribution one may do, never belittle your efforts cause at the end of the day, it is your thought and sincerity that counts.

Of course, sitting through the many examinations and meeting the professional requirements in the industry have been stressful and memorable as well! =)


Dear Jamson,

I’m writing to you regarding one of your team member, Tan Huimin.

I have known Huimin in a variety of capacities for many years. He was my colleague few years back when he was still in the IT industry and now he is the advisor that I trusted with all my insurance matters since he moved to this industry.

Since I know him, Huimin has consistently showed that he is organized, efficient, competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.

Most importantly, I can see how he is always genuine in protecting his clients’ best interest. He always propose options and will honestly suggest the best option although it might not be the most profitable for him. Even when I choose the cheapest option, he will still keep his high standard in the services he provides.

Till date, before I signed any policy with AIA, he will do detailed calculation to make sure I’m fully aware of the dollar amount I need to commit over the years and the outcome I can expect. And I can always say no if I’m not comfortable or I change my mind. Or I can even request for another option after I heard his explanation. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients’ needs are met.

To conclude, I highly recommend Huimin to anyone looking for a financial advisor to work with. He will undoubtedly continue to progress and excel.