Steven Kow

Father of 2

A proud father of two daughters, Mr. Steven Kow met his ‘worse than my grandmother’ Financial Planner when he was in a pink of health. Or so he thought.

He was diagnosed with late-stage cancer last year – something he thought would never strike him.

Coming face-to-face with a life-threatening illness, like late-stage cancer, is so profound that few can express in words how impactful it is. The pain, mental stress and emotional agony, not to mention, the financial suffering are monumental. It’s rare to hear, “I’m happy that I’m not a burden to them (family & loved ones). So what I need to do now, is just to fight! ” And that was exactly what Mr. Kow said.

We’re inspired by his strength, and thank him for sharing his story.


Stefen Chow

Photography Director and Co-Founder of The Poverty Line
The Poverty Line

I had a few claims so far in our working relationship, and Jamson has always sought to recommend the best solutions; not necessarily to his own convenience, but best for me as a client. If you want a safe frame of mind for insurance or consultancy over long term, Jamson is your man.


Ivan Kuan

Head of Product Management
Sennheiser Consumer Electronics Division

For a well-established financial planning expert like Jamson, one would expect that he focuses on his top clients that generate the best returns on his effort. Contrary to that, he has an innate habit of genuinely wanting to help people and a down-to-earth sincerity which I find scarce in this industry.


Ye Ning

Executive Director
Sun Japan (S) Systems PTE LTD

I have benefited a great deal from their innovative and excellent advice & services. I personally encourage you to spend just 30 minutes of your time to find out about the type of work that they do, and to see how you could benefit from their services too. Jamson and his associates have been, and continue to be, of REAL VALUE to me.


David Kiew

Commercial Manager
LCP Building Products PTE LTD

I confirm that I have dealt with Jamson and his team since 2005, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of Employees Benefits and Risk Management. Their work has been instrumental in helping us increasing employees morale. I can confidently recommend Jamson and his team as a solid and reliable team of financial advisors, who will bring great benefits to your company.


Yao Zhi Lian

Client, since 2004

Jamson provides exceptional service and invaluable advice. He is always ready and eager to go above and beyond what is necessary to ensure that I am getting the best and most cost effective insurance coverage. I have found Jamson to be truthful and trustworthy. He can be counted on to put the interests of others first in all of his dealings. I wound highly recommend him for anyone’s insurance planning needs.


Lu Yiting

Because you mean so much to me, I want to tell you about my financial planner cum brother cum friend! He helps me plan for marriage, family and teaches me a lot of stuff about life, friendship and plan for the future. So, if you are keen, do have a chat with him.